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Our School

Warblington School serves a wide ranging community centred on the town of Havant and some distinctive outlying communities. We are a smaller than average secondary school and as such pride ourselves on supporting and developing our students as individuals.

Students are at the heart of Warblington School and we believe that there is nothing more important than developing their characters, skills, talents and aspirations. Our staff are excellent role models for students and their role in leading the development of the students is crucial to our success. We encourage high expectations amongst both staff and students and this underpins our success. Students need to feel safe in their learning environment. Warblington is not only a safe school in terms of its location and site, but we pride ourselves in developing a supportive environment.

We are a school that is determined to succeed for the benefit of our students. We are a school that believes in collaboration and co-operation and as such have excellent relationships with our feeder schools, engaging in joint projects and support for transition. We are also a member of the Havant Federation, engaging in partnerships at secondary level. This level of collaboration supports our staff and students giving greater breadth and diversity to the students’ learning experience.