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Covid Catch Up Funding

Strategy Statement

At Warblington School, we are committed to providing the highest quality education for all our children regardless of background or barrier to learning in all aspect of school
life. We want our students to leave us with qualifications they are proud of and that enable them to reach the next stage of their education, and having developed the
character and with a rounded education that ensures they are

“Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are likely to have been more affected particularly severely by closures and may need more support to return to school and settle back into school life. Whilst all students will benefit from the EEF recommendations, it is likely that some forms of support will be particularly beneficial to disadvantaged.”
(Covid-19 Support Guide for Schools – June 2020)

Students’ access to technology has been an important factor affecting the extent to which they can learn effectively at home. In particular, lack of access to technology has been a barrier for many disadvantaged children. We will continue to work with the Local Authority and the DfE to ensure digital devices for those eligible can be claimed, however where there are still gaps so the school will look to invest in building a small stock of additional devices alongside looking at innovative approaches to provide internet access.

The overall aims of our catch-up premium strategy are:

• To reduce the attainment gap between our disadvantaged students and their peers and with those who couldn’t / didn’t engage during the school closure period
• To raise the attainment of all students to close the gap created by COVID-19 school closures
Our school priorities for use of catch-up premium are:
• High quality teaching for all with effective diagnostic assessment. These are outlined on page 4 of this document

The core approaches we are implementing are:

• Training and coaching for staff to improve their pedagogy of learning and practice in the classroom and in remote delivery – including the use of blended learning…
• Investment in IT for staff and students and families to use to support remote learning
• 1-1 and small group tuition in the spring and summer term for those children who, despite quality first teaching, are still falling behind

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