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We believe that all students will benefit from the study of History whatever their ability.

The study of History gives students insight into the situations and problems faced by people throughout the ages.  It allows students to appreciate beliefs and cultures that are different from their own.  It helps promote tolerance.

Finally, the study of History allows students to develop skills which will stand them in good stead in this world of conflicting views and information.  Students learn how to assess the reliability, accuracy and usefulness of information presented to them.  They will realise that not everything is as it seems to be.


Key Stage 3

Students are taught in groups which are organised based on mixed ability.  They follow the ‘Transition Pathway’ which enables students to acquire the skills needed at GCSE.

Key Stage 4

Years 9, 10 and 11 areas of study:  AQA GCSE History; the Modern World 1918-1975 including Hitler’s foreign policy and the origins of World War II, the crisis of the Cold War 1955-1970 and in depth studies of the USA 1917-1941 and of the Vietnam War 1964-1975.  Controlled Assessment will be on the British People at War.


Extra Curricular Activities

Five students have visited Portchester Castle and Fort Nelson, the Royal Armouries Museum on Portsmouth Hill. Fort Nelson is especially helpful as background information on the course.


There are two specific History teaching rooms which are situated close to the first floor and a number of specialist Humanities classrooms. There is good access to the ICT Suite in the Learning Resource Centre which is linked to the Internet. All rooms have Interactive Whiteboards and Multi-Media Projectors.