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We aim to improve the mathematical knowledge of every student by providing both a challenge and a sense of achievement.  We raise students’ awareness of the use of Mathematics in everyday life, its fascination and power and so develop their initiative and imagination to use the subject creatively to solve problems.  We aim to ensure that all students are capable of using functional mathematics in everyday activities.


Key Stage 3
There are seven Mathematics lessons per fortnight for Year 7 and 8 students. The Scheme of Work is fully differentiated with learning targets appropriate to the tier.  The course is designed to instil core skills and then use these to progress onto higher level Mathematics.  We follow the two year KS3 and three year KS4 Scheme of Work.

Key Stage 4
Year 9 students have eight lessons per fortnight and Year 10 and 11 have nine lessons per fortnight.  All classes are taught in ability groups.  The current course is Edexcel 9-1 Mathematics.

Mathematics opportunities

Those students needing additional support to meet their aspirational targets are offered additional one-to-one support through our Teaching Assistants within the Department.  In Year 11, students have the opportunity to take additional Maths lessons, with intervention also offered during SAGE time for Year 11.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Maths Revision for Year 11 is after School on Mondays. We also run a more and most able group after school on Wednesdays to further extend these students.

Our more able students participate in the UKMT Maths Challenges run by Leeds University.  There are also team challenges outside of school.  Last year, some of our students entered the Maths Challenge organised by Southampton University and one student was selected for a prize in this competition.


The Mathematics’ Curriculum Area occupies eight adjacent rooms all equipped with Smart whiteboards and
multi-media projectors. Students are also able to make use of the school’s computer suites to facilitate independent learning and revision using our IT resources which include PIXL Maths app and Maths Watch VLE.