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More and Most Able


More and Most Able provision at Warblington School delivers challenging, engaging learning, designed to support those students identified as ‘more or ‘most’ able.  Our philosophy is to stretch these learners whilst at the same time raising the aspiration and ability of all.  Our More and Most Able lead members of staff are Mr Brown and Mr Whiffin


Every More and Most Able student enjoys a broad and challenging curriculum.  Learning is personalised and
differentiated via extension activities in the classroom as well as school and off-site opportunities.  Data analysis
allows teaching staff to trace the progress of every More and Most Able Learner, ensuring the curriculum is always stretching their thinking and progress.  All More and Most Able students currently learn two Modern Foreign Languages at Key Stage 3.

Our students are expected to make at least four levels/grades of progress from Key Stage 2.  Those arriving with Level 6 in English or Mathematics should achieve a Level 8 or 9 GCSE level.  They are likely to take an additional qualification in Maths such as GCSE Statistics or to support potential progression to A-Level Maths.  The most able also study for three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Each curriculum area provides a range of initiatives and activities designed to enrich the learning experience of our
More and Most Able students using accelerated classes, one-to-one support, educational trips, competitions  and school-based extra-curricular activities.  Staff ensure these learners are challenged and stretched throughout their time at Warblington School.


Through our links with the Havant Federation of Schools, Chichester University, Portsmouth University, Southampton University, Oxford University and with our local post-16 providers, More and Most Able students are given the opportunity to enrich their development.

Opportunities include the “Krypton Challenge” at Havant College, taster days at leading universities and many Federation subject activities, designed to develop and stretch More and Most Able learners.