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PiXL Edge

Year 7, 8 and 9 students at Warblington School all follow a leadership scheme called “The Edge”.

The scheme has been created to encourage the development of key life skills that employers are highlighting as important – leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication.  This will give students an additional qualification that will run alongside their academic timetable.

There are three levels to “The Edge” (Apprentice, Graduate and Masters), each of which increase in difficulty and in the amount of time needed to complete the activities.  Students in Year 7 will begin on Apprentice level and will progress through the other levels whilst at Warblington.  During each level there is an expected number of tasks each student needs to complete in order to achieve that status.  These activities are available to view on an online Edge database and are always linked to one of the key skills.

An example of a task on the database:

Task: Captain a competition in a foreign language

Run by: Either an individual student or up to a whole class/form class

Involving: Between 1 and 50 people

In order to complete the tasks students are expected to write what they did within the task with a special focus on how this has helped them develop the targeted skill.  This evaluation will then be reviewed by their tutor and the Head of Year before being signed as complete.  To achieve Apprentice status students need to complete two tasks from each skill.

Students will have allotted time during SAGE time to select, plan and evaluate possible activities for “The Edge”, which will take place within one of three ICT classrooms.  The activities will happen either inside or outside school depending on what task they have selected to do.  The selection and evaluation of the task will be completed online using the specific Edge internet programme which can be monitored by their Tutor and Head of Year at all times so their progress can be continuously monitored.  All students will be given an individual login and password for the website at the start of the Autumn term.

It is hoped that all students within Year 7 will complete the Apprentice level by the end of Year 8.