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Welcome to our Numeracy page, please see below for more information.

Maths websites to support your learning, recommended by your Maths teachers.
Centre ID:  warblington    Username:  firstname.surname      Password:   password
This site provides podcasts for most topics at GCSE level, which can be accessed via topic name, grade or clip number.  Worksheets to support each skill are also available via this site.
School Code: 3720.  See your maths teacher for individual log-in details.
See your maths teacher for individual log-in details.
GCSE resources.
Maths games.
A great website for trying a daily input of Numeracy.  We recommend “Numeracy” for KS3.
Take the Numeracy Challenge to check your understanding and develop areas of weakness.
Try this website to test your IQ!  There is a monthly prize competition to try amongst other challenges and articles of interest.

Use the “Top Topics” checklist to identify your strengths and weaknesses in Mathematics. Focus your revision time on Red or Amber topics that you have covered in class. The clip numbers refer to the Mathswatch VLE – login details can be found in the Maths websites folder.

Use the “URA*” checklist if you are aiming for grades 8/9.

Top Topics
20 URA* Topics

Use the Foundation questions below for grades up to 6 and the Higher questions below up to 9.

7 Days to Go: Edexcel Foundation
7 Days to Go: Edexcel Higher

UKMT Maths Challenge Practice

This site gives all the previous Maths Challenges set with answers under each question to check your attempts.  Good practice before the real thing!  Just make sure you choose the right level:

Junior:  Year 7 and 8
Year 8 and 9 Team Challenge.
Intermediate:  Year 9, 10 and 11.