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75th Anniversary of VE Day

On Friday 8 May 2020 Britain will commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day when the guns fell silent at the end of war in Europe.

VE Day was a huge moment for people across Europe as it marked the end of many years of conflict. It was a moment of great relief and hope for the future – and a day for communities to come together for a period of celebration.

We are currently facing different and difficult times once more and so unfortunately we are unable to mark this day as a school community. More than ever, it is good to remember we have been through difficult times before, and we did it by working together.  Therefore we still want you to be able to mark the occasion, share your pride in our country and honour the men and women of World War Two.

Therefore as an alternative to commemorating the event as a whole school community as planned  on the following slides are a variety of activities that you may wish to complete as a way of personally commemorating the event.

Please email photos of any of the tasks you compete to your year email address for the attention of Mrs Woodford-Richens or Miss Pritchard. We can then get these put in the weekly newsletter and hopefully make a display when we are back in school.

Task ideas

  1. Create a peace display
  2. Write a letter of thanks to those who helped Britain win World War Two
  3. Interview someone who lived through the war (if you know anyone)
  4. Create some bunting that could be displayed
  5. Plan a VE day party – you could even host one over social media – remembering not to break social distancing rules
  6. Make some VE day food – recipes online and class charts
  7. Learn and perform a 1940s dance

Mrs Woodford-Richens, History