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Religious Education

Within RE we aim to encourage students to develop a more reflective approach to life. This includes raising their awareness of experiences and concepts basic to all religions.  Students begin to discover the ways that human-kind has approached and answered questions about the meaning and purpose of existence and how these have shaped social life and attitudes today. Our aim is not to ‘make students religious’ but to complement their life-skills to understand the value religion does play in society and therefore life.

Curriculum Road Map

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KS4 Course Information

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RE is taught through experiential learning.  This means our students are learning through a range of activities, such as guided fantasy and philosophical enquiry, alongside more traditional teaching methods.  All of the classrooms that are used to deliver RE are equipped with interactive whiteboards. We also make use of the School’s ICT Suites and Resource Centre to support learning.

The benefits of these methods are that they build links between the student’s own inner-self and the spirituality of the people in the religions we are studying.  It also enables students to share their inner thoughts and feelings, whilst enabling them to accept and empathize with each other.