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Health and Wellbeing

Our School Matron operates the Health and Wellbeing suite along with our First Aid trained staff within the school. From this room, we support you with your day to day medical needs. If you are feeling unwell, need to take medication or just to check-in with Matron everything is catered for as well as offering you support and guidance.

Emotional support is given to those with long term physical conditions in order to ensure a positive mental wellbeing with access to educational opportunities, therefore maximising rehabilitation.

Students with specific concerns, eg eating disorder, school phobic or reluctant school attendees are also supported in the Health and Wellbeing Suite.

General help and support is provided to a wide range of parents/carers regarding numerous health and wellbeing concerns in order to ensure that both you and your parent/carer are able to successfully ‘cope’ with education and at times wider life!

When a student is identified as benefiting from additional support, you will be put forward to ‘The WSP’ (Warblington Support Programme) for one-to-one mentoring on the school site. The sessions are conducted in a confidential environment by volunteers (who are CRB checked and appropriate training given) on a weekly basis.

Medical Form

Click here for our medical information form. This form is normally completed at the start of Year 7 and is essential so we can effectively support your medical needs. Without this completed form, you will not be allowed to go on school trips. The school needs to be kept up to date with any changes in your medical requirements.

Consent to Administer Medication Form

Click here for the consent to administer medication form. From time to time you might need to take medication in school either regularly or as a one off. If you need to take medication in school, this form needs to be completed to allow the school to do this. Your medication will be stored securely in a locked cabinet in Health and Wellbeing and you will be able to access your medication through Matron in Health and Wellbeing.

Absence Due to Illness

In the case of a student who is unable to attend school, parents/carers are expected to inform the school daily as to why their child are absent. Warblington School has a dedicated telephone number for this purpose: 023 92 485159. If the school does not receive a call on the morning of absence, the parents/carers will be texted by our Attendance Officer and informed that their child are not in school. The parent can then reply or call the school directly to discuss why their child is absent. This allows the school to make contact with the parents/carers at an early stage when their child is absent and also helps to alert parents/carers to the fact that their child may have unexpectedly not turned up for school.

Should I Send My Child to School Illnesses and what to do

Help my Child is Unwell Signs and symptoms of illness and advice on what to do

Illness in School

If you feel unwell in school you need to go and see Matron in Health and Wellbeing. She will be able to offer advice and medication if available/required. She will also make the decision and contact home if you need to go home.

Click here for a student guide to Mental Health

Although head lice can be seen on dry hair, the best way to check is by the combing of wet hair with a fine toothed ‘detector’ comb.

Treatment, if necessary, can be done by either:

Wet-combing method:

  • Wash the hair in the normal way with ordinary shampoo.
  • Use lots of hair conditioner and while the hair is very wet, comb through the hair from the roots with a wide toothed comb to remove all the tangles, and then use a fine-tooth comb. Make sure the teeth of the comb slot into the hair at the roots with every stoke.
  • Wet lice find it difficult to escape, and the hair which is slippery from conditioner makes it hard for them to keep a grip – so removal with the comb is easier.
  • Clear the comb of lice with each stroke.
  • If you find any lice then repeat this routine every three to four days for two weeks, so that any lice emerging from the eggs are moved before they can spread.

Using lotions:

These are available from the chemist and most supermarkets. A pharmacist can advise you on which lotion to use. It is important to following the instructions on the packet/leaflet.

If lice are found it is important to treat the whole household. Regular wet-combing as part of routine hair washing will prevent the problem recurring.

As well as the day to day support for medical support, the Health and Wellbeing suite is able to offer the following support to students who meet the Gillick competencies. (

  • Support and advice for matters that cause concern or worry
  • General sexual health and relationship advice
  • Young person’s contraception outreach service, including advice on contraception and free condom distribution
  • Chlamydia screening
  • Pregnancy testing