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RSE (Relationship & Sex Education)

Personal Development Learning (PDL) enables our young people to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives. As part of a whole school approach, PDL develops the qualities and attributes our students need to thrive as members of society.

“Schools should seek to use PDL education to build….guidance on: drug education, financial education, sex and relationship education (RSE) and the importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle.” (National Curriculum)


Relationship and Sex Education (RSE)

Warblington School has developed the SRE programme to meet DfE guidance. We have worked to ensure that the enrichment curriculum establishes:-

‘Lifelong learning about physical, moral and emotional development. It is about the understanding of the importance of marriage for family life, stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care. It is also about the teaching of sex, sexuality, and sexual health. It is not about the promotion of sexual orientation or sexual activity – this would be inappropriate teaching.’ (DfE Guidance 0116/2000)

At Warblington School, the aims of SRE in this school are:

· To enable our students to better understand the nature of human relationships;

· To enable students to see the importance of marriage and stable loving relationships for the bringing up of children;

· To prepare students for the changes that occur to their bodies, minds and emotions as a consequence of growth from childhood to adulthood.

The school recognises that SRE is a moral issue in its own right. As part of the whole curriculum the school seeks to explore issues of right and wrong, alongside those of respect. The school recognises that SRE is fraught with certain difficulties and whilst it acknowledges different life style choices it promotes a view that stable loving relationships are the best context for sexual relationships and the bringing-up of children.

RSE Expectations

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RSE Lesson Overviews

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At Warblington School real importance is placed on Career Information Advice and Guidance (CIAG) as the school knows that by delivering quality CIAG, students can be motivated, and their levels of engagement and achievement are also raised. Every student receives seven career lessons of one hour each year. The CIAG lessons are supplemented by:

  • Career assemblies
  • CIAG trips to career fairs
  • College/Training providers visits
  • University trips
  • Mock interview days
  • Work Experience (May year 10)

In addition every student in year 10 or 11 has at least one career interview with a level 6 trained adviser. This is with Hampshire Futures. One of the Career Leaders at the school is a level 6 trained Career Adviser as well and also interviews and advises students on post-16 options and career pathways. The school delivers a ‘personalised’ career service to all of its students.

We also work closely with: Hampshire Futures; the Education Business Partnership; Southern University Network; the Local Enterprise Network; local employers and numerous local colleges and training providers.

We want our Career programme to give the information and guidance about post -16 options and beyond so that every student can make an informed choice about their career pathway.

Further information can be found in our Careers section

Careers Lessons Overview

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RSE is delivered by Warblington staff, with external agencies invited in as appropriate, to enrich learning opportunities. IT suites are frequently used, especially in Years 10 and 11 for careers education.