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Values and Ethos

Our vision is to be a centre of excellence at the heart of the local community by delivering an exceptional education for every individual through consistently inspirational and challenging teaching; where we show pride in our exemplary standards as together we celebrate reaching our aspirational goals

We often speak of giving every child “a big bunch of keys which open as many doors as possible once they leave us” and this helps us think of the types of keys they need.  Whilst academic qualifications are clearly important, we also know that the “smaller keys”, often those characteristics not formally assessed are also important in life’s journey.  The bigger the bunch of keys, the more likely there is to be a key that opens the door ahead.

We want children to come into school, enjoy their day and benefit from a learning environment which is safe and happy.  Staff who love their subject are keen to encourage the next generation of geographers, mathematicians, linguists…  At our heart is ensuring every child had a broad curriculum that allows them to hone their skills.