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The Curriculum

Our Curriculum Vision

The curriculum at Warblington School is designed to provide all students with a high quality education appropriate to their needs, in order to prepare them academically, socially and personally for the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of further or higher education, employment and adult life.

We believe all our students are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges their individual abilities; is relevant to their experience and present needs; is inclusive; has application and value in the world outside the school and promotes traditional British values. The recognition of students as individuals demands approaches to teaching and learning that will engage and enthuse all our young people, including those with special educational needs.

Promoting high quality teaching and learning is the school’s highest priority.

Information, communication, new media and digital technologies are integral tools of teaching and learning in all curriculum areas.

Our curriculum therefore aims to:

  • provide entitlement to a coherent, broad (meaning a large range of subjects) and balanced (the amount that is given over to each subject) curriculum
  • provide a balanced approach to religious education which is broadly Christian but respects and encompasses all major world faiths
  • instill in our students a positive disposition to learning and a commitment to learn
  • promote and pass on essential knowledge, skills and understanding valued by society to the next generation
  • be relevant to our students and prepare them for the here and now, for the next phase of their education, and for their future
  • widen horizons and raise aspirations about the world of work and further and higher education
  • make our students more aware of, and engaged with, their local, national and international communities
  • help students recognise that personal development is essential to wellbeing and success
  • allow every student to make the relevant progression from the primary phase to the tertiary phase particularly in the core areas of English, mathematics and Science.

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If you require more information about the curriculum our school provides please contact Mrs Richards, Assistant Headteacher.

Teaching & Learning

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