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Behaviour Levels and Sanctions

Click here to view the behaviour levels and sanctions

As you may be aware from the recording within Class Charts, we have been updating our behaviour and
sanctions guidelines following discussions with staff. Over last term, the whole staff body discussed our existing document and suggested ways in which this can be improved. Year Leaders then worked together to put staff ideas into our new document. We have tried to improve clarity with regards to the outcomes of sanctions and ensure that students receive the same sanctions across the school for the same behaviours.

Initially you will see an outcome that might say ‘refer to inclusion team’, at the end of the day myself, our five Year Leaders and Ms West meet together to discuss the sanctions with a ‘refer’ status and agree on the
sanction following the guidelines which have been drafted out within the school. At this point Class Charts is
updated with a new outcome, or several levels may be removed and a new incident added to encompass several behaviour records.

The current draft that staff are working with can be seen via the link on our website. Whilst this has been issued to each classroom teacher for display, we are still working with this as a draft whilst we take half a term to trial the system and discuss the changes across our community.

We would very much like to form a parent working party to discuss the draft updated behaviour system, so that we can receive feedback from you with regards to how it is working. If you are interested in meeting, please can you leave your details with our school reception, or let us know your interest via our admin email on
[email protected]

Mrs Fletcher, Assistant Headteacher