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Ski Trip Montgenevre: Photos and update



Day 1

Warblington school took to the slopes for the second ski trip of the year in Montgenevre, France. All 38 of the skiers spent the morning on the nursery slope remembering and perfecting their snow ploughs before being split into smaller groups. The top group progressed from making their way up the slope on the magic carpet to using the button lift, with the intermediate group following closely behind. All groups then progressed towards turning and controlling their speed. After a fantastically sunny first days skiing, the students traveled to the local town of Briancon to finish the day off with a game of 10 pin bowling. Day 1’s prize winners were; Katie Hamilton, Leyla Celik, Hannah Hues, Chloe Steer, Eddie George and Ms Norris.


Day 2

Another sunny day greeted the students meaning the factor 50 suncream was out in force. The students spent the day perfecting the skills they learnt on day 1 and adding to these by learning how to parallel turn (with the top group even having a go at a few jumps!). Three out of the four groups progressed further up the mountain having successfully conquered their first chair lift. The evening entertainment was a trip to Briancon’s swimming pool where the students enjoyed a dip in the pool and some braving the waterslide. Prizes today went to; Charlie Chapman, Samantha Richards, Emerson Peters and Simone Tuckey.


Day 3

On another ‘bluebird’ day, all four groups made their way up the mountain to explore Montgenevre and it’s surrounding valleys. The top group went with instructor Eric for an adventure at the top of the mountain in the morning and spent the afternoon perfecting their parallel turns and controlling their speed on a variety of slopes. Pierre’s group managed to go up in the bubble lift to the lofty heights of 2465m before skiing down controlling their speed and incorporating parallel turns. The other two groups were practising the skills they had learnt on the nursery slopes higher up the mountain on green runs. The evening’s entertainment was a trip on the ‘Monty Express’ – a 1400m downhill sledge run and the longest luge in Europe. Students then spent some time souvenir shopping in the town. Another three course dinner replenished the students before they went off to bed, ready for another big day up the mountain tomorrow. Today’s prize winners were; Millie Rudkin-Blair, Simone Tuckey, Charlie Osgood, Courtney Myhill and Susie Liu.


Day 4

The students went with Eric, Claude, Philippe and Corinne with big smiles on their faces and eager to start their lessons. After a practice run first thing in the morning on the nursery slopes from the bottom group, all groups were up on the mountain for the rest of the day. Corinne’s group progressed from green slopes and even conquered a blue section of slope – a massive achievement for the bottom group! All other groups spent the day whizzing down green, blue and even red slopes, with a few groups exploring the mountain and the top group testing their nerve on the border crossing. The evening entertainment was a trip to Sansicario, Italy for some authentic pizza. Some of the students tried a ‘chip pizza’ followed by Gelato. Today’s prizes went to; Lilly Webb, Gypsy Hansler, Alice Loveman, Natalya Fiddler, Alice Capel-Ayres, Eddie George, Izzy Grant and Chloe Pilatowicz.

Day 5

The students were again straight up the mountain in their groups and the staff have continued to be impressed with the independence and positive attitudes shown by all. Every student has now gone to the top of a mountain and confidently made their way down. The top 3 groups finished the afternoon skiing red runs with only a few tumbles and the bottom group have now progressed past green and onto blue runs. After skiing today the students packed their bags, had a quick trip to the sleepy town of Claviere where they were able to buy souvenirs and snacks. They then headed back to the hotel for another three course dinner followed by the last night disco. Today’s prizes will be awarded and announced tomorrow.