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Weekly Newsletter – Issue 348 – Friday, the 13th of October 2023

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🗓️📢 Warblington School Newsletter – October 13, 2023 📢🗓️

🌟 Key Dates:

  • October 23 – 27: Enjoy your October half term!
  • November 2: Year 9 Williams Racing trip.
  • November 8 & 9: Year 10 Geography fieldwork trip.
  • November 22: Work Experience Parents Evening (details soon).

📰 Message from The Editor:

  • Busy week at Warblington: Year 7’s STEM fun, Year 9 Netball champs, Year 11 Performing Arts exams, House cake sales, and minibus driver training.
  • Exciting addition: D&D Club now on the after-school calendar.

🌟 Year 11 Prefects: Congratulations to the stellar student leadership team!

🚢 Royal Navy STEM Team: Year 7’s had a blast exploring robotics, electronics, and hydraulics. 🤖💡

📸 Art & Photography Brighton Trip: 48 students embarked on a creative journey, capturing Brighton’s unique architecture and structures. 📷🏙️

🏡 Back to Basics Campaign: Supporting your child’s emotional well-being at home with resources from Hampshire County Council.

🏐 Year 9 Netball: Our team triumphed against Cowplain and Havant, proving their sportsmanship and teamwork.

🍰 Mitchell House Cake Sale: Thank you for your donations. We’re commemorating Baby Loss Awareness week, so join the global ‘Wave of Light’ on October 15 to honor all babies who shone briefly in our lives. 🕯️

🏆 This Week’s Top 10 Students for Pride Points: Keep up the fantastic work, students!

🎉 Team Warblington Focus: Featuring new staff members. Meet Mr. Payne, an avid D&D player and book enthusiast.

🌟 PE Star of the Week: Congrats to Olivia R for her dedication and excellent netball skills!

💻 Computing Weekly Shout Out: Acknowledging exceptional efforts in computing across all year groups.

🧮 KS4 Maths Star of the Week: Well done to Cailen A for consistently outstanding performance!

🌍 Geography Stars of the Week: Recognizing the excellence of William B, Lauren C, and Irina U.

🎮 eSports Club Weekly Round-Up: High-fives to Beau H, our eSports Club’s Student of the Week.

📆 Upcoming Clubs (October 2023): Stay engaged with a range of exciting after-school clubs!

🎄 Christmas Craft Fair: Get ready for our annual event on December 2, with all profits supporting the Year 11 Prom. Consider donating bottles for our tombola and raffle or delicious cakes for the café!

Stay connected with Warblington School. 📚🍎🌟

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